We are dedicated to cultural transformation and the community of Maywood.

•    93% of the children in Maywood come from low-income families.
•    All 6 elementary schools in Maywood are on the Illinois Academic Watch List with only 30% of students meeting expectations.
•    45% of Maywood’s central business district is empty storefronts and vacant lots.

“Maywood Fine Arts changes people’s lives.  Every community should have an organization like it.”

“What I find most incredible is the quality of the performances, recitals and instructions that  I was privileged to witness for many years.  
I wish that for MFA students and their parents for many years to come.”

“Without Maywood Fine Arts I don’t even know where I would be.  Seriously.”

Craig Hall, Soloist, New York City Ballet, studied dance and tumbling

“Maywood Fine Arts is truly an artistic sanctuary and a gift to the community of Maywood and the larger community of Chicago.”

These quotes are by parents and supporters from the Chicago Sun-Times' Sunshine Project

We are recognized for our high quality teachers and programs.  We inspire our students to dedicate themselves to meeting our unflinching standard of excellence – all while keeping our tuition costs at a third to half of comparable programs.

“Maywood Fine Arts is the heart and soul of our community - offering children a place to dream while also providing a framework for dreams to become reality.” 

“As a child, Maywood Fine Arts helped me realize that I have a gift for dance  and helped me discover a passion that most people can only dream of.  
I want other children to have that same experience!”
Taiyana Shurn, Dance Teacher at MFA, studied dance and tumbling

“The tumbling skills I learned from MFA helped me travel the world and gave me the skill set to become a professional acrobat for the NBA.  

Opportunities like this prompted me to start my own company, which will motivate and inspire a new generation, just as Maywood Fine Arts did for me.”
Andrew Cyrus, Owner of Dunk Doctors LLC, studied tumbling

Maywood Fine Arts has a proven track record in a challenged community that has seen program after program close in its 30 plus year history.  Even after losing the heart of MFA with the burning of the Stairway of the Stars dance studio, giving up was never an option.  Since that fateful day, the goal has always been to rebuild.  We want to provide a new state-of-the-art dance studio for our Stairway dancers and bring a new, beautiful building to downtown Maywood.  The property has been secured, our Campaign Leadership Team and volunteers have been recruited and our Raising the Barre Capital Campaign is now underway!

•    We see 974 students each week in our dance, tumbling, music, visual arts, drama and karate classes.
•    We serve another 3,500 children through our free outreach programs.
•    Our families are 72% African American, 22% Hispanic, 5% White and 1% Asian.
•    22% of students receive scholarship classes and an additional 64% receive partial tuition scholarships or family discounts.
•    Only 48% of expenses are covered by tuition, the remainder comes from donations and grants.

While 35% of our families live in Maywood, the other 65% travel to our community from near and far so that their children can benefit from the MFA experience.

•    20% Austin, Garfield Park and other west side Chicago neighborhoods
•    25% adjacent western suburbs including Melrose Park, Bellwood and Broadview
•    20% Chicago south side and outlying suburbs including Schaumburg and Bolingbrook