For Ernie and me, our story began decades ago, so we are thrilled to see the next generation of directors, teachers and staff carrying on what we started.  We are fortunate to witness the joy, hope and transformation each day.  We invite you to walk through our doors, see our vision in action and become a part of the Maywood Fine Arts family!

Dear Friends,

When Ernie and I began our life’s work nearly fifty years ago to help children reach their full potential, our hearts were large and open to welcoming all.  This was not always easy.  While raising our own family of six, our resources were small but we carried with us the dream of never turning a child away.  You could say that even back then, we were “Raising the Barre” for kids and community.

It began with Stairway of the Stars, housed in the elegant and historic Maywood Opera House.  The forty-four stairs to the top floor inspired the name for the studio that would become a second home to thousands of children – our very own “stars.”  As our village changed around us and downtown Maywood lost its vitality, we strengthened our commitment to be there for the next generation.  With the help of parents and community members, Maywood Fine Arts was created to ensure that our vision of every child growing and thriving through the arts would continue.

In 2010, we were dealt a devastating blow as we watched our beloved dance studio burn.  What had become a well-known symbol of consistency, safety and inspiration was gone.  But the flames destroyed only the building itself, not our spirits nor our commitment to our students, our families and our community. 

Our goal has always been to rebuild and now, through your support of our Raising the Barre Capital Campaign, we can return our dancers to their original home.  We will create a revitalizing Arts Campus in the center of Maywood.  We can’t, however, be successful without your support.  This is a rare opportunity to have a positive impact on children’s lives and a community for generations to come.