Our vision at Maywood Fine Arts is for every child to grow and thrive through the arts. There are many children who do not have this opportunity and, for them, we are here.

Amazing transformations occur every day as boys and girls find passion and direction through dancing, tumbling, singing, acting, drawing, painting and playing music.

For more than three decades, Maywood Fine Arts has been here for every child and our community. With your help, we will be here for generations to come.

The mission of Maywood Fine Arts is to offer quality affordable arts and fitness education to enrich and enhance the lives of children and their families in Maywood and surrounding communities.

You hear them before you see them – tiny feet tapping to favorite tunes or delicate voices practicing scales. In other parts of the building, there is laughter while children run and jump on mats during tumbling classes, quiet moments as pictures are drawn, and pure joy at the opportunity to take part in the Maywood Fine Arts experience.

Then you see the faces of the MFA boys and girls – aglow with inspiration and delight, focused in concentration and effort. They may not know it yet, but their lives and their futures are being formed with every step, every note and every cartwheel. For some, the classes are simply fun and exciting, but for many, they provide hope, security and a bright tomorrow.